Vaporizer Affiliate Details

Do you have a website or blog that deals with vaping culture or vaping products? If so, consider becoming one of Loki Vape’s affiliate partners! We’ll hook you up with awesome promotional materials that convert your website visitors into Loki Vape customers. Visitors to your website will be impressed with your affiliate association and know that you can recognize excellence. Affiliate programs are popular on the Internet and some people earn a nice income from them. Partnering with Loki Vape lets you promote products in a growing industry and it is an excellent way to monetize your website. It costs you nothing to join the affiliate program and we’ll supply everything you need to get started earning right away. If you can manage the basic design of your website, you can add our banners and text links. No advanced technical know-how is required.

How Does It Work?

When you join the Loki Vape affiliate program, we will supply you with attractive banners and text links to place wherever you like on your own site. Whenever a user clicks on one of your links, they will be brought to the Loki Vape website and their activities will be tracked by our affiliate program. Once this user completes a purchase, you earn a commission!

Real-Time Statistics and Reports!

We provide you with a back office solution where you can log in to check the performance of your ads. The sales data and traffic stats we provide will help you determine which ads are performing the best so that you can tweak your promotions for optimum effect. You can even view your commission balance. New promotional banners and text links can be chosen and used as they are made available.

Vaporizers are red hot, and Loki Vape has the best! Now, you can cash in on the popularity of vaping. When you sign up as a Loki Vape affiliate, you’re getting a partnership with one of the coolest brands in the industry.