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A Loki Touch Herb Chamber Screen Set 5 pk by Loki Vape will come in handy if you need to replace this critical part of your vaporizer. We can get this 5-pack to you super fast at a reasonable price so that you can be vaping herbs again in no time. After all, this is your passion and something like a replacement part should not stand in the way of your enjoyment.

Product Description

You already know that the Loki Touch by Loki Vape is the first touch screen vaporizer and that it can vape both oils and herbs. Sometimes parts on the vaporizer might need to be replaced to maintain a smooth hit. When that happens there is no reason to fret because we stock the Loki Touch Herb Chamber Screen Set 5 pk by Loki Vape and other replacement components like charging cables and mouthpieces. If you keep your vaporizer working properly, the Loki Touch will render vapor that is never bitter or burnt-tasting. 

Heating chambers that are best for herbs are typically made of fine ceramics or stainless steel. In order to heat the herb properly a screen is required to separate the herb from the heating element. If the herb were placed directly on the heating element the result would be that the herb would ignite. To produce vapor a screen is required and sometimes these screens need to be replaced. The Loki Touch Herb Chamber Screen Set 5 pk by Loki Vape is economical and convenient because it gives you a few screens to have on hand. No one wants to encounter an inoperable vaporizer.

Loki Vape has taken great care in choosing products to bring to market and the Loki Touch is no exception. One of the best features about the vaporizer is that it will vape both herbs and oils. Vapers really appreciate having both options in a single unit. The Loki Touch is extremely portable. It is only 5" tall and just 1 1/2" wide, making it the perfect vaporizer for a variety of situations. That great flexibility is only enhanced by the ability of this rig to vape oils and herbs.

GotVape.com has a guaranteed best price on the Loki Touch and our replacement parts are similarly affordable. Your vaporizer is an investment and we want to do our part to help you protect that investment by stocking all of the components you need. Don't wait until your herb chamber screen needs replacing before you order. It is better to keep a package of these at the ready.

While you are visiting GotVape.com to purchase a Loki Touch Herb Chamber Screen Set 5 pk by Loki Vape, be sure to check out all of the other items in our vast inventory. We carry vaping pens, tanks, mods, e-juices, and a wide assortment of replacement parts. Our goal is to be your go-to shop for vaping supplies, and we know that after you shop with us you'll be hesitant to go anywhere else.

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