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A Loki Touch Silicone Sleeve by Loki Vape can be used to add extra protection to the cutting-edge vaporizer that is taking the vaping community by storm. The Loki Touch is an amazing piece of vaporizer technology and GotVape.com has the guaranteed lowest price on these units. To keep your vaporizer clean and protected we recommend one of these silicone sleeves that are designed especially for the Loki Touch.

Product Description

The Loki Touch is the first touch screen vaporizer. It is a small but powerful vaporizer that will vape your favorite e-liquids as well as herbs. It can heat up to 440 degrees and delivers a perfect-tasting vape each time. The compact size of the Loki Touch makes it ideal for a variety of situations and it will likely become your go-to vaporizer. That's why you should think about using a Loki Touch Silicone Sleeve by Loki Vape. It will help prevent minor scuffs and scrapes due to routine everyday use and will keep your unit looking sleek and new.

Using a Loki Touch Silicone Sleeve by Loki Vape is very easy. Simply slip it over the vaporizer, align the opening with the touch screen, and you're good to go. If you accidentally drop your Loki Touch the silicone sleeve will help to reduce shock and dings. A sleeve can also prevent scratching of the vaporizer when it is carried in a pocket. These sleeves are used in much the same way that someone will use a case for their phone, and that makes perfect sense. Like any piece of advanced technology, the Loki Touch is something you want to keep free from dust, scuffs, and scratches.

Loki Vape designed a real winner in the Loki Touch. If taken care of properly the vaporizer can last for a long time. Few units have this kind of durability but even the best vaporizers can benefit from some TLC. When you invest in something this nice to help you enjoy vaping, spending just a few dollars more to protect it is a wise move. Vaping is all about flavor, to be sure, but it's also about flair and personal style. Don't roll with a vape that is all scratched up. Keep it looking great with a Loki Touch Silicone Sleeve by Loki Vape.

At GotVape.com we are dedicated to offering the best accessories and replacement parts for the Loki Touch at competitive prices. Whether you need a mouthpiece cover, a heating chamber screen, or just a new USB charging cable, we ship your purchase quickly so you aren't left hanging and waiting for the component you need. While you are shopping with us it also pays to check out our entire inventory of vaping supplies. Mods, tanks, premium e-liquids from a variety of suppliers--we've got a little bit of everything. Join our extended family today by purchasing a Loki Touch Silicone Sleeve by Loki Vape and be sure to leave a great review. As always, our friendly team is ready and willing to answer any questions you may have about this product.

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