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If you're looking for a digital vaporizer that's the wave of the future, we can accommodate you here at Loki Vape. That's because we have a touchscreen digital vaporizer waiting for you that's the very first of its kind. It's called, quite simply, the "Loki Touch." When you need a unit that can work perfectly, this vape is without a doubt the correct answer.

Product Description

The Loki Touch

First Ever Portable Touch Screen Vaporizer

The Loki Touch Vaporizer by Loki Vape represents the pinnacle of vaporizer technology. When you try it, chances are that you will not want to vape anything else. Sleek and modern, this powerful touch screen rig produces one of the smoothest vapes to be found. Never bitter, each hit is as fine tasting as the first.

Loki Touch Vaporizers



Get to Know the Loki Touch

The design of this digital vaporizer is mind-blowing, too. It's the epitome of sleek, cool, fresh and innovative. It has a streamlined and clean design that brings to mind the future. If you like to take pride in the appearance of your vape products, the Loki Touch is definitely one you'll want to show off to everyone you know time and time again.

Turn On

Indicate “+ - LOKI” 3 seconds later, opens main interface.

Once turned on, the unit will automatically begin heating up. You can change the temp during that time.

5 min cycle time. Automatic turnoff after 5 mins.

Temp memory for last use.

Indicator light will turn from red to blue when desired temp is reached.

LED Display

The LED touch display will show

+ - Temp control

Battery life


Temperature Number

Turn Off

Press power button 3 times to turn off the unit.

You can either turn off the unit under heating time, or press the power button is 2’s to stop heating up.

Heat Protection & Comfort

Heat Grooves

Special heat grooves act as added protection while vaping your dry herbs. The heat grooves absorb the heat to allow for optimal comfort while vaping. No longer will you have to worry about your hand getting hot while you’re trying to enjoy a vape session.


The Loki's Touch Screen

The first portable touch screen vaporizer boasts power and beauty with it's sleek and innovative design. The screen makes getting to your desired settings simple and efficient so that you can have the perfect vaping experience each and every time.


The Loki's Touch Screen

Power Saving Mode: The unit will automatically turn off after 5 minutes of inactivity.


NTC (negative temperature coefficient) open circuit protection.

NTC short circuit protection
Output is 0 and will not heat up. Heating up light will flash red quickly 3 times

Load Open
Red LED light flashes 6 times

Load Short Circuit
Red LED light flashes 6 times, no heating up
Turn off/MOS
Must recharge to restart

Battery Low Voltage Protection is 3.2V.
Turn off the output
Press Button, Red heating up indicator will flash 3 times

Touch Screen

Press “+ -” one time to change temp by 1F or hold “+ -” to change temp in 2’s for faster temp changing

Press power button 2 times to change from F° to C° and back.


Micro-5PIN DC5V 1A, Full Charge Voltage: 4.2V

Screen will automatically turn off once fully charged.


The Loki Touch features a Ceramic Heating Oven capable of vaporizing essential oils and dry herbs, just at the touch of a finger. It's special heat grooves allow for heating production as well as added vaping comfort. The mouth to oven pass through makes your vaping experience as smooth as possible.


With a resistance of 0.45- 0.65 Ω the ceramic heating oven tops out at a maximum temperature of 440 °F for maximum vaporization. In 30 seconds flat the heating oven will be ready to vape no matter what your ideal temperature may be.

Loki Touch Ceramic Oven


Replacement Parts & Accessories

Never be caught off guard when a piece of your Loki Touch needs replacing. Replacement parts are vital to keep your Loki Touch operating at full potential and we're here to make sure you always have everything you need. From charging cables to chamber screens, we make sure you'll have everything you need to get you the best vapor possible every time.


Detachable Chamber

Featuring a detachable bottom chamber, the Loki Touch Vaporizer is extremely easy to load, unload, and clean. For the best quality vapor, we recommend that you vape with an internal temperature of 385 degrees.



Designed with portability in mind, the Loki Touch Vaporizer is only 5 inches tall by 1 ½ inches wide making it easy to carry within your pocket or purse. The Single high rate discharge lithium ion battery lasts up to 2 hours with each full charge so you can vape all day in comfort.


Charging & Battery

The Loki Touch has a 3 hour battery life with 45 minutes of continuous run time. Also includes a 4 minute auto shutoff feature to preserve battery life and safety. Complete with a USB charger for convenient charging everywhere you go.


Mouth to Oven Pass Through

Cleaning made easy with the pass through cleaning system featuring innovative mouth to oven pass through. Spend less time cleaning and more time vaping.

Loki Screen

There are so many benefits attached to the Loki Touch. The unit is capable of vaporizing oils and herbs alike. Its warmup time is also notably speedy. If you like the idea of warmup times of just half a minute, this vaporizer will definitely satisfy you. It offers maximum temperatures of 440 degrees as well. The vaporizer is equipped with unique heat grooves that are situated right on top of the oven. If you buy the Loki Touch, you'll receive a handy heat glove for its oven as well.

It's important for vaping enthusiasts to always keep their products as clean and fresh as possible. Fortunately, keeping the Loki Touch neat and hygienic is far from difficult. It has a simple "pass through" cleaning system that takes a "mouth to oven" approach. If you're interested in efficient, hassle-free and effective vaporizer cleaning techniques, the Loki Touch won't fail you. Cleaning this vaporizer should never take up much of your time.

The vaporizer's battery is also noteworthy. It has a three hour life. It has a continuous run time of an impressive 45 minutes as well. If you find it annoying to always have to worry about your battery, this product can give you a nice feeling of peace of mind. It offers the convenience of automatic shut off in the event that you forget to turn it off on your own. It has a run time of five minutes as well.

This digital vaporizer's oven is made out of ceramic. The oven, because of that, is durable and sturdy. If you're always looking to buy the toughest and most dependable vaping products and supplies, the superb strength the Loki Touch offers should be right up your alley.

The Loki Touch has a pleasant and convenient compact size. You can put in the palm of your hand with ease. The ergonomic vaporizer is 1.5 an inch in width and 5 inches in height. Since this digital vaporizer is so compact, it's easy to transport whenever necessary. The vape comes with a micro USB (Universal Serial Bus) charger.

People who purchase the Loki Touch can feel comfortable and relaxed about it, too. That's because the vaporizer has a warranty that lasts for a full year. If you experience any problems with your Loki Touch within a year after purchasing it, you don't have to worry about a thing.

If you're looking to buy a digital vaporizer that's contemporary, imaginative, attractive and exciting, the Loki Touch by Loki Vape is calling your name right now. If you need additional information about this new product, you can contact our Corona, California-based company as soon as possible. Our staff members have a lot of vaping knowledge and always enjoy giving our customers reliable assistance and guidance. Contact us today for more Loki Touch details!

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